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Health inequalities: A toolkit to support local conversations

10.14655/11971-782128 Public Health England (PHE) Health inequality, Public health   The National Conversation on Health Inequalities is a programme by Public Health England to start a conversation with the public about health inequalities and solutions t ...

Health Inequalities Intervention Tool (2011)

The Health Inequalities Intervention Tool has been commissioned by the Department of Health through the Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO). The tool is designed to assist commissioners in Spearhead Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) with their Loca ...

Health Inequalities Intervention Toolkit

Enhanced Health Inequalities Intervention Toolkit â?" helping to address inequalities in life expectancy and infant mortality 10.14655/6744-26820 Allan Baker, Anne Scott, Justine Fitzpatrick, Raj Mehta Toolkit to assist evidence-based local service p ...

Health Risks and Health Inequalities in Housing: an Assessment Tool

This tool is designed to assess the health risks of housing and the residential environment at the scale of a neighbourhood, housing stock or administrative area. For each health risk, the tool enables a judgement to be recorded about the level of health ...

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